Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I'm coming to school every day to graduate so I become sucessful in life at every thing I do. The real reason I haven't just given up is becaus of my mother who passed away four in a half years ago she always said she wanted me to graduate High school and go to College and make something of myself I know that's what she wants I also want to graduate to prove all those who said I would never be anything in life. Iwould like to be a lawyer or a Pharmacist, I just want to do a job that I will be happy with and one that will leave me a wealthy man someday that's all I want a BIG BEAUTIFUL 5 bedroom house, and 2 nice cars and try to live the remaining part of my life the Jesus did. Without him I am nothing if I didn't mention him that wouldn't be right so my goals are because of him, my mother, and alot of hataz( people who dont want to see you doing good for yourself).

Monday, March 01, 2004

I feel a business handshake is very important it gives a person their first impression about you and it gives a person a sense of security and if you cant even shake their hand then something is wrong with you what i don't know you need to take a class on shaking someone's hand if I was a supervisor I wouldn't want anyone in my business that cant shake your hand and cant look you in the eye so if a person came up inmy office talking loud sitting like he's crazy and then cant look me in my eye's and shake my hand I'd say you have a nice day I will not interview a rude disrespectful person and that is disrespectful not to look me in the eye when you need something from me I already have a job you need one so if you come in my office acting like you have lost your mind "have a nice day".
I feel that a business hand shake gives a person a sense of security. When you go on a job interview a supervisor does not want a person looking all at the floor and not willing to shake their hands its all about respect to anyone you should look them in the eyes and shake their hand if you can't do that you are wasting their time and your own. What is so hard about looking someone in the eye and shanking their hands? nothing at all so why is it so hard for so many people. That makes a person uneven when you can't look them in the face and shake their hand something is trully wrong with you that is very disrespectful and I would throw a peson right out of my office for not wanting to shake my hand and look me in the face.

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